About Us

Rascal Creek Physical Therapy maintains a warm, friendly ambiance where patients feel comfortable and where there is plenty of open space for camaraderie and patient interaction. Therapy sessions can run up to 2 hours as patients are not made to feel rushed and encouraged to be part of the RCPT ‘family” thus making therapy more enjoyable and therefore beneficial. This “family” atmosphere is evident in the numbers of former patients who stop by to update the staff on their progress and lives and to visit with other patients. Rascal Creek Physical Therapy is a team where everything from the referral process, intake information, insurance verification, therapeutic intervention, and discharge are handled internally allowing frequent communication between the patient and staff. The staff, from therapists to rehabilitation aides, undergoes and is expected to maintain continuing education levels that exceed the licensing requirements, ensuring that treatment interventions are not only effective and state of the art evidence-based, but are also done in a safe, respectful and professional manner.

The staff at RCPT enjoy one another’s company and are often found together outside of the clinic at company-sponsored events such as mud runs, Halloween pumpkin picking, horseback riding, hiking trips and river rafting excursions, as well as casual get-togethers in one another’s homes or when exercising. The true friendships they share create a positive working environment that is noticed and enjoyed by patients and creates a positive and productive atmosphere in the clinic.

Clinic Honors

  • 2016 Merced Sun Star-Excellence in Business Award for Health Care