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Philosophy of the Crew

RASCAL CREEK PHYSICAL THERAPY is a family owned, physical therapist owned, business and has been since it was founded in 1987. Our goal is to return each patient to their prior levels at home, in the workplace or on the athletic field as quickly as possible. Therapists use evidence based treatments, which are proven effective to meet each patient’s needs and individual goals. Treatment plans are individualized based on your needs and goals. Patient education is a priority. Patients are instructed in home exercises and preventative techniques to help facilitate their recovery. Physicians and insurance companies recognize the superior care their patients receive at RCPT and refer their patients to us with the confidence they will receive appropriate, effective and respectful therapy.

Rascal Creek Physical Therapy

We expect full recovery and provide quality physical therapy with a contemporary twist.

Established in 1987 with one physical therapist, Rascal Creek Physical Therapy now boasts three physical therapists, all of which have their Doctorate in Physical Therapy, DPT, degrees. They also employ a PTA, a full time occupational therapist and a speech therapist and nutritionist to ensure that the whole patient can be treated effectively. Rascal Creek Physical Therapy is sensitive to the needs of their patients extending treatment sessions, as needed, to greater than the standard 60 minutes to ensure that each patient is given quality, individualized care that is evidenced based as well as providing expanded clinic hours as they are open over 12 hours/day three days a week to accommodate all schedules. This high level of care and concern for each patient has established Rascal Creek as a leader in the industry and a respected resource among local and state-wide physicians, who refer their patients to RCPT with confidence. It is also this care, concern and individualized attention that makes the patients return when therapy services are again required and give their highest recommendation to family and friends when they need therapeutic intervention.

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Patient Success Stories
  • Everyone there shows a genuine care for each patient ... I really miss coming there.

    Patient Survey

  • It was the best experience ... I even had fun while I was there.

    Patient Survey

  • My experience at Rascal Creek has improved my quality of life, my job performance and been very motivational.

    Patient Survey

  • You're the BEST!!!

    Patient Survey

  • RCPT calmed my fears, answered questions and gave me a great home exercise plan for my hand.

    Patient Survey

  • Their hands-on care with smiles helped me feel both mentally and physically energized.

    Orrie T.

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RCPT and Therapist Associations:

  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • Orthopaedic Section
  • Physical Therapy Provider Network
  • Merced Chamber of Commerce
  • Merced Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Merced Rotary
  • Better Business Bureau